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Lumi's six-week course empowers teens & pre-teens to take on life - and thrive!

Build Resilience

Stress is unavoidable. We will discuss evidence-based ways to manage stress effectively, so they can thrive.

Improve Self-Esteem

We will discover body-image strengths, explore body-acceptance and create art rooted in self-love and compassion.

Social-Emotional Skill Development

We will grow in our knowledge of naming and identifying emotions, building empathy and creative problem solving.

Join a Community

Like-minded teens & pre-teens support one another throughout their 6-week journey. They become great friends and build relationships that last a lifetime. 

6-weeks of art and skill building. 1 life-changing experience.

The Lumi Kit!

Each week we will be using art supplies from The Kit to complete challenges that push each student to use creativity as a stress reliever and for emotional expression. The Kit includes:
36 color watercolor paint set
Jewelry making kit
Neon putty
Holographic glitter
Glow sticks
Essential oils
And more!

Meet your coach, Janesse.

Janesse Russel, is the co-founder of Lumi and a Licensed Master of Social Work. She has been an artist her entire life. She blends her creativity with her clinical knowledge; empowering teens & pre-teens to build mental wellness skills and create positive change.

She was trained at University of California-Berkeley, Columbia University, and Yale University.

How to get started

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I want more information. What do I do?

Head over to the Contact page, complete the form, and we will respond as soon as possible.

How do I communicate with Janesse?

Once you get enrolled, you have access to a private messaging channel where you can message her. You also will see Janesse on weekly video calls if you're part of the Group or Private course.

What happens after the 6-weeks?

You will have lifetime access to the Lumi content. You also will have access to our private Slack community to connect with other Lumi students that completed the course.

How much time each week does a Lumi kid need to dedicate to Lumi?

Art challenges take about 30 minutes each week. If you're part of a program that does weekly video calls, those last for about 60 minutes.

What ages do you serve?


I don't have a teen or pre-teen to support in my life, but I want to support the cause. Can I?

Yes. You can make a donation over on the Donate page

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